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Good Writers and Bad Writers (Pyre of Envy Update)

Disclaimer: I was tired when I wrote and posted this…forgive any mistakes that may be found.

This isn’t going to be a descriptive post. Although I would very much like to engage in the subject of what makes good writers and bad writers I think the subject has been exhausted and if you are reading this you would have probably had a few discussions with friends, on forums and read a gazillion articles on this. There are some opinions or principles which have become the norm and some which are still new and being tried. What this post will be focusing on is  the significance of both to the writer(good or bad writer).

Amongst many of the pieces of advice given to  authors is to read a lot, to read everything. The reformed or alternative version of that is read the masters in your field or genre. I’m going to add to this advice, to amend it a little, while you read the masters of your genre also read the worst of in your genre.  Why? Well, you will have something to compare it to because good and bad are largely comparative concepts. You can’t tell the other without experiencing the other, the business of good and bad has to do with “betterness”. Simply that one work is better than the other.

Bad writers matter as much as the good writers do. Apart from being a point of reference, which is really helpful, they aren’t entirely bad. I took it upon myself to read some terrible books during the last few months. I have to say that each and every one of them did something right, even if it was one thing or two. Essentially the difference between bad writers and good writers is how many things they get “right”. Terrible writers don’t get everything wrong, and there is always a lot to learn from bad books, to what works and what doesn’t. While in a good book you will mostly learn the “do’s” more than the “don’ts”, in a bad book you learn a lot about the “don’ts” while you learn little about the “do’s”.

So is the significance of the bad and good writer to an author. While it is good knowing what to do it is also good to know what not to do. It is equally fun trying to figure out what made certain books and others fail and if there are formulas or remedies you could come up with. After all, reading for the author is work and a thinking exercise, it isn’t exclusively for fun.

So whether you are a good, bad or average author keep writing because your work matters, and you can only get better the more you put into it.

So take this home with you, “Your work matters.” Not to mention that someone will always like what you write, good or bad, and someone will always hate what you write, good or bad.


I’m so proud of myself for writing a short post. J Been struggling with that. You may be wondering what is my obsession with shorter posts. It is just that I like challenging myself to try to make my points as concisely and clear as I can.


I’m loving how Pyre of Envy is turning out, never been excited about writing in my life. Sure it is difficult writing about some of the issues being explored in the book but it is just shaping up to be more than I thought it would be. The book could easily be turned into two volumes and I have been debating whether I should do that for quite some time now. I even thought I should name the first volume “Pyre of Envy: Fire” and name the second “Pyre of Envy: Ice”. It sounded attractive and I had already  planned where I would cut it and stuff. I’m struggling with something, if I make this book into a single book I will be losing and cutting a lot of essential stuff, from serious developments in character to cut out plotlines and to an abrupt ending. But if I have two instalments the book would not be inflated as I had thought, It would be aptly nourished and the philosophy and character developments and extra plotlines which contribute to the core of the story will be properly explored.

Then again I could make this book shorter and deal with the other aspects of the second book in the third.

It is worth noting that the Scarleton Series is:

A partially chronological series although events that happen in one book usually intertwine with other books and bring light on some issues expressed in other instalments. It is more of a thematic series; events on one book might be occurring at the same time, before or after the events in another book. They might influence each other or feed off one another. Each book takes a centered look on one of the characters. Each book can be enjoyed on its own, but will be enjoyed even better within the context of others. All books are based in the fictional town Scarleton.

I would appreciate some advice and counsel.

Thanks for reading.


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